Sunday, August 18, 2013

Prop U Update

The start of the new school year is right around the corner. Just a few months ago our community voted with a 70% majority to pass Prop U. While the improvements funded by Prop U are being made in a phased approach, based on what I saw at Brittany Woods Middle School this week, it appears the district lost no time in getting construction started over the summer.

My new sixth grader had her oh, so cool, eighth grade brother give her a tour of her class room locations after they registered for the upcoming school year. While my sixth grader obsessed over the really important aspect of sixth grade, how to decorate her locker, Mom snapped a few photos of some of the Prop U improvements along the way.

The new band room in the final stages of construction.

A refreshed little theatre (the seats of pull of desk areas).

The choir room
The gymnasium received a lot of attention as well. What the pictures don't show are a new HVAC system. No more hot and sweaty assemblies.

New gym lockers.

A freshly painted gymnasium that is properly heated and
cooled and has an improved sound system.

New gym doors!

Other renovations that took place during the summer include kiln rooms at Jackson Park and Flynn Park, and replacement of all gym roofs, air conditioner installation in all gyms, locker room renovations and ventilation, dance studio and auditorium improvements at University City High School.  

There are more exciting renovations coming with the new high school library slated for next fall. Our schools are always open to visitors. Stop in any time to see the exciting changes.


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  1. Wow - this was MUCH needed. Thank you U. City voters!