Saturday, August 3, 2013

eScrip - It's Like Free Money!

No matter how honorable the cause, most parents don't enjoy fundraising. With three kids at three schools and in a multitude of activities, our friends and neighbors have been extremely generous over the years - whether it be purchasing car wash tickets, wrapping paper, or girl scout cookies. It's also the reason I never say "No" to a young person when ask to make a purchase.

Can't someone make fundraising easier? Someone did.

It was said, "nothing in life is free," but that was before Schnuck's eScrip program. Schnuck's will donate a percentage of your purchase to your designated organization(s) when you present your eScrip card at the register. How amazing is that - FREE money for school PTOs and student organizations using the eScrip program.

The best thing is it costs nothing to participate. Just pick up an eScrip card at the Customer Service desk at any Schnuck's, activate your card (on-line or by phone) by designating your preferred organization (you can designate up to three organizations on one card, and handing it to the check-out clerk when you make a purchase at Schnuck's. Free and easy.

It's so easy anyone who shops at Schnuck's can participate. So when you pick-up a card for yourself, don't forget grandma, aunts, uncles, neighbors, alumni - everyone can support our PTOs and student groups.

In fact, three of the U. City public schools were recently recognized for being in the Top Five eScrip money earners of the 75 organizations registered in the U. City area.

Flynn Park, Jackson Park, and UCHS were three of the
top five eScrip earners in U. City.

Start making money for a good cause today. Pick-up an eScrip card and remember to use it every time you shop.

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