Thursday, December 12, 2013

Gabe Fleisher: Political Pundit

During the past two years Gabe Fleisher has consistently produced a political newsletter every morning, been interviewed numerous times by the public media, and written and published a book on the history of Flynn Park Elementary School. Did I mention Gabe is a sixth grader at Brittany Woods Middle School?

Gabe is being recognized in the news once again for his stellar accomplishments. You can listen to the NPR story or read it at St. Louis Public Radio.  To subscribe to his blog, send an email to:

Gabe Fleisher
Here is an excerpt from Alex Heuer's report to get you started:
A lot has happened to 12-year-old Gabe Fleisher in the last year and a half. He’s garnered local and national press attention and recently got to meet one of his favorite historians, Doris Kearns Goodwin.

His teeth now sport a set of braces with red, white and blue anchors.

It's all part of a day in the life of Gabe Fleisher, political junkie.

In 2012, he was a regular blogger on the Beyond November website, a cooperative effort by St. Louis Public Radio, the St. Louis Beacon and the Nine Network of Public Media to cover the elections.

Gabe’s moniker: “the pint-size pundit.”

He’s now ditched that nickname, as his side job as a publisher has taken off.

Thanks to encouragement from his mother, Gabe is the editor-in-chief – and sole staff member – of a daily emailed newsletter, “Wake Up to Politics.

He currently has a circulation that’s closing in on 600. Subscribers include the White House.

Jamie Jordan, the principal at Brittany Woods Middle School in University City, helped arrange Gabe’s 6th grade class schedule so that his first period is in the library. That gives him a chance to finish assembling his publication and send it out before he has to lock up his laptop in the library office and head off to his first academic class: Spanish.

Update: Gabe was featured in the January 8th, 2014, edition of Town and Style Magazine.


  1. Way to go Gabe!! I am a gifted teacher at a middle school here in St Louis :) How do I subscribe to his newsletter?

  2. Way to go Gabe!! I am a gifted teacher at a middle school here in St Louis :) How do I subscribe to his newsletter?

  3. Hi Charissa, To subscribe you need to contact Gabe directly. I'm tracking his email down for you and will message it to you to keep his information private. Thanks for the comment

  4. To subscribe to Gabe's blog send an email to .