Friday, October 18, 2013

Flynn Park In the Loop

Close proximity to the Delmar Loop, designated one of 10 Great Streets in America, opens up a lot of opportunities for Flynn Park elementary students.  With both civic and cultural attractions to enjoy, a field trip to the Loop is guaranteed to be both fun and educational - just ask the third graders who recently spent an afternoon soaking up art, architecture, government and, of course, Fitz's rootbeer. 

The kids headed out on foot from the school in groups, each armed with a notepad and digital camera, along with directions to look for and photograph art, architecture, and landscape along the way. Flynn Park art teacher Beverly Brandt was "so happy to see how enthusiastic these young community members were about the art and history that is around them every day."  She says, "they come to me almost every day still talking about art and architecture that they saw on their bus ride or while they were with their families." 

In Council Chambers at City Hall
The group stopped at Fitz's for lunch and a tour of the bottling plant, followed by a tour of the Loop in which they compared buildings intended for government use to those intended to be public places for consumers. The field trip ended with a trip to the fifth floor of City Hall and a chance to enjoy the spectacular panoramic views. 

The photographs taken by the students will used in an upcoming art project in which they will design a book about what they saw and learned on their field trip to the Loop.

Thanks to Beth Martin, Beverly Brandt, and Nicole Wight for photos and information.

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