Thursday, March 21, 2013

UCHS Offers New Programs

U. City Schools are on spring break this week, so we parent bloggers have been on a hiatus of our own. But Patch editor Maggie Rotermund has posted a couple of great articles on two new wonderful programs now available at University City High School on the University City Patch.
The first article, "New Curriculum May Lead to New Career Opportunities," discussess Project Lead The Way (PLTW).  Here is an excerpt:

Rebecca Soriano will coordinate PLTW, a rigorous and innovative curriculum that employs the STEM approach to learning at University City High School.

“PLTW is a proven, research-based program used across the country,” Soriano explained. “This fall, our students (mostly freshmen) will start earning college credit for pre-engineering courses that develop critical thinking skills through hands-on, project-based learning. They will take on real-world challenges in a rigorous and fun program designed to help them gain entry into careers in the sciences and engineering; very important in today’s job market.”

The second article announces "Grade A: U City High School Is Now an A+ School." Here is an excerpt:

The A+ Schools Program was founded in 1993 to improve Missouri’s high schools. The two-tiered program motivates students to tutor, mentor others and focus on the future. Tutoring at District schools is the program’s focus this year. The mentoring aspect of the program will be available in the future.

To earn the designation, the Board president, superintendent and high school principal signed official documentation to verify the District’s commitment to providing rigorous coursework, administer a comprehensive guidance plan and work towards the goal of all students graduating from high school with the skills necessary to succeed as they pursue a postsecondary college degree, technical school education or high-wage job.
To read more the full length articles please visit the University City Patch.

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